Cruise Ship Rapes Spur New Legislation

Guest Post by Michale Ehline, Esq.

Cruise ship rapes caused new legislation to be enacted, the problem of passengers being assaulted is much more frequent than most passengers realize and it is not something that the cruise line puts in any of their literature. The legislation was voted in without any difficultly, because whether passengers realize it or not the ship they are on is not registered in the United Sates, even when it is one of the popular cruise lines that everyone does not even second guess that it is American. This throws a whole different light on a cruise ship rape, since the ship is carrying a flag from a different country and follows their laws.

Cruise ship rapes caused new legislation to be enacted and if passengers were aware of this prior to taking a cruise it could allow them to use the necessary caution onboard the vessel as they would use in their own Newport Beach, California neighborhood. The fact that they are not made aware of the dangers and not protected enough onboard the ship can mean that the cruise line can be held accountable. When the cruise ship rape involves a crew member, the cruise line is clearly at fault for not screening their employees properly before putting them on a vessel with unsuspecting passengers.

The American cruise ship passenger that becomes a rape victim will find it necessary to have the representation of a cruise ship rape attorney, because the laws can be confusing, the litigation complex and the time limits to file the legal claim can be rather short. The Newport Beach passenger that has been a victim of a cruise ship rape can and should hold the cruise line responsible, as their safety was in the hands of the cruise ship crew members.

The experience and the knowledge that the personal injury attorney Los Angeles or Newport Beach cruise ship rape attorney will be able to file the necessary paperwork on time and will be able to build a lawsuit that will hold the cruise line accountable for the assault that took place on their vessel. This can help to put some closure to the emotional trauma the cruise ship passenger has suffered and at the same time it will put the cruise line on notice that this lack of protection for cruise ship passengers will not be tolerated when they leave the ports of Southern California.

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