An Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney Is Necessary During Times of Crisis

Guest Post By Michael Ehline, Esq.

There is no doubt about it, an experienced bicycle accident attorney is necessary during times of crisis for the residents of San Diego that fall victim to tragic bicycle accidents involving a negligent motor vehicle operator. They give cases like this their undivided attention, making certain the legal course of action taken is in the best interest of the victim.

Accidents like this are often caused when a driver is speeding, or they are simply not paying an adequate amount of attention to the roadways they are driving on. Every single year the result of this kind of negligence is a bicycle accident that has caused a victim to suffer from a wide range of serious and painful injuries.

The average car that families drive in the United States is on an average around 4,000 pounds. When you consider the force that is behind an automobile that weighs this much, it is easy to see why victims often end up suffering from many types of very serious injuries. This is of course if they don’t end up losing their life as a result of the injuries they suffer. When victims of traumatic bicycle accidents survive, the high cost of needed medical care and treatment can be extremely difficult to pay for because of the extensive amount of care and treatment that’s usually needed.

It is not uncommon for victims of accidents like these to suffer from spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries that typically involve bulging and/or ruptured discs TBI or traumatic brain injury, fractures and broken bones, concussion, and numerous other injuries that can be very expensive to treat. This is because in a majority of cases the victim will need to take a variety of costly prescription medicines, and they often need to undergo such things as extensive physical therapy, counseling, and rehabilitation. Special medical equipment, professional home health care, the care of a nursing home facility, and quite a few other added expenses can also be required.

Because of the hardship this type of unexpected expense can put on victims and their families, experienced bicycle accident attorneys of San Diego is extremely necessary during times of crisis such as this. The professional skill and experience of a bicycle accident attorney having years of experience in handling cases like this can usually help to take much of the financial stress away, by making certain they obtain compensation of the highest levels. If you were injured, contact a personal injury lawyer now at 213.596.9642 at Ehline Law Firm PC. 633 West Fifth Street, 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071.