Compensation and What Causes Bicycle Accidents

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The Causes of Bicycle Accidents


Guest Post by Michael Ehline

Compensation and What Causes Bicycle Accidents

Most bicycle accidents usually occur at a low rate-of-speed. These kind of accidents can cause minor damage and sometimes just a couple of scrapes or scratches are caused from the accidents. Despite this there can be accidents which include pedestrians, cyclists and sometimes there can be a lot of riders involved. When an accident like this happens it could be very dangerous and because of it there are safety measures that people should take in order to reduce serious injuries when someone is cycling.

A bicycle accident happens around every six hours and some of these accidents are fatal or with severe injuries. The road is shared often with bicycles and cars. One of the major reasons why so many accidents happen is because the drivers tend to be inattentive and just simply not looking out for other people on the road such as bicyclists. Sometimes accidents happen because of obstacles that got left behind from property owners that are careless or either from property managers and business owners. Motor vehicles are also easier to see on the road unlike bikes and when a driver is negligent they can easily hit them.

When a person’s suffers from a bike crash injury they have every right to collect the needed compensation that happened from the accident. Cyclists need to first contact a lawyer before they are able to proceed and once a lawyer is hired then they can go on to file their insurance claim. Compensation and what causes bicycle accidents vary but having a personal injury lawyer who is highly experienced in this field means that they will get back the money that they need to pay off bills and more.

In Torrance city a lot of bike accidents happen because the traffic is heavy. Getting the best Torrance bicycle injury attorney is needed when something like this comes about because the Torrance bicycle injury attorney will be able to guide you or your loved one with what all you need to do in order to get compensated for injuries and other things that could have happened as a result of the bike accident.

Attorney’s can investigate the case to determine the cause of the crash. Some of the things that attorney’s need to think about is did a truck or bus hit the bicyclist? Did the driver fail to yield the right of way and caused the crash to happen because of it? Was the motorist intoxicated when driving? What kind of injuries did the bicyclist get?

Was there a serious injury involved such as a bone fracture, serious injury to the head, skin abrasion or a spinal cord injury? Once the attorney knows the answers then they’ll be able to work the case accordingly and help the person get compensated so they won’t be in debt because of the accident.

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